About Dr. Izzal

We must continue to ask the “how?” and “why?” in order to advance. 

Transforming education is not bounded within the university compound, but should be embedded throughout from a.m. to p.m. It requires growth and development, time and practice. In my journey towards educator discipleship, I look forward to a prolific solution. My philosophy is to encourage thinking in real and rational ways so that this can be applied in other unfamiliar situations when it comes to reality (practical). In fact, I would particularly emphasize on learning that reason the trends and directions which revolves around subject matters, rather than memorization of facts. In modern society, where a classroom is no longer a place for knowledge and teaching, my goal as an educator and researcher is to encourage students and counterpart in seeking answers, as it is in this way that the society can advance. This journey should be fun and should entice a sense of wonderment. We all wonder about the world around us. 




PhD (Marketing)

Universiti of Malaya


MA (Advertising)

RMIT University


BA (Hons) (Advertising)

University Teknologi MARA


Career Experience

2014 – Present: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
Senior Lecturer
Aug 2002 – July 2005: Open University Malaysia
Senior Executive (Corporate Planning & Budgetting)
Executive (Corporate Planning & Relations)
Jan 1999 – Jul 2002: CD Communication, Malaysia
Executive (Corporate Planning and Relations)
Junior Executive, Client Servicing & Media Planning
Industrial Training (Client Support & Servicing)