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Proposal Defense

Understanding the Residual Effects Between Online Reviews and Offline Cues on Purchase: A Sequential Behavioural Approach


The Adoption of Social Media by Australian Banks to
Communicate with The Public

PhD (Research Project)

Ng See Kee

Effects of Age, News Credibility, Medium Characteristics and Users’ Motivations on Online News Consumption: The Mediating Role of News Engagement

Danhalim Abdullah

Constructing National Identity in Advertising: A Case Study of Advertising in Malaysia

Sobia Shahzad

Social Media Use and Political Participation: Constructing a Multiple Mediator Model of Citizen Communication in Pakistan

Jamsari Hashim

Social Media Use among PR Practitioners in Malaysia PLCs: Examining the Antecedents of the Usage and the Moderating Effects of Niches

Master by Research, School of Communication, USM (Research Proposal)

Loke Mun Sin

The Impact of Korean Wave on Metrosexuals’ Grooming Behaviour

Punitha Vadeveloo

Kepenggunaan Media Baru “Whatapps’ Dalam Kalangan Guru di Sekolah Rendah

Shobalini Thoraraisa

Smartphone Dependency: A Qualitative Exploration of How Belongingness Related to Smartphone Use Among Single People in Penang

Master of Communication, IMC (Research Project)

Athera Abdul Ghauth

Measuring IMC Effectiveness Through Brand Touch Point Analysis: A Case Study of Iskandar Malaysia

Wan Zulaikha Wan Hanafi

The Effect of Political Propaganda on Political Trust and Participation Among Youth in Malaysia

Wan Zulaikha Wan Hanafi

The Effect of Political Propaganda on Political Trust and Participation Among Youth in Malaysia

Noor Azimah Zolkafli

The Changing of Market Segment: Factors Contributing to Continuous Usage of Mobile Apps

Nurul Nazihah Mohd Rostam

Youth Positive Behaviour: Influence by Influencer on Instagram

Ahmed Norhafiz Mohd Dahlan

Facebook & Political Engagement: A Content Analysis of the Facebook of the Malaysian Politicians

Amir Batouei

The Impact of Airport Experience on Passengers’ Satisfaction, Revisit Intention and Intentions to Spread Word-of-Mouth

Mathuravi Nadarajah

The Impact of Sexually Appealing Advertisement on Consumers Brand Recall, Advertising Likeability, Product Likeability and Purchase Intention

Njunna Virella Yoon​

Factors Influencing Purchase Intention on Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) Products

Peter Kenny Tanah

Synchronization Feedback Model: Examining the Influence of Music Tempo & Musical Composition Towards Customers’ Emotion and Affective Behaviour

Nabila Hajar Mohd Azmi

Examining the Internal and External Factors Leading on the Intention to Stay in Green Hotel

Jasmin Johari

Kajian Pemasaran Viral Kempen AirAsia 2017: Pendekatan Teori Kegunaan dan Kepuasan

Hanizah Hamzah

Exploring Consumer Boycott Intelligence Among Malaysians During the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Suit Lai Yoong

Luxury Brand Perceptions and Purchase Behaviour in Malaysia

Tan Yeun Siok

A Study on The Effects of Cultural Values on Consumers’ Decision-Making Process in Car Purchasing

Abdul Jazie Mohd Akbar

Assessing the Impact of Humorous TV Ads on Young Consumers’ Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Attitudes

Njunna Virella Yoon

Factors Influencing Purchase Intention on Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) Products

Khor Lee Huey

Hotel Re-Branding and Its Impact on Brand Equity: A Case Study of Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel and Residences

Shazly Sharkawi

Penerapan Dimensi Budaya Hofstede Dalam Drama Puteri Gunung Ledang: Satu Kajian Kes Di Kalangan Penonton HyppTV